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My filmmaking journey

As an award-winning filmmaker, much of my work is born from a horrific tragedy that destroyed almost everything and took away the life of my beloved fiancé Naz.

Searching for hope from the sadness of losing my soulmate, my goal is to use the pain I feel every day to make factual films that will take audiences on a journey of learning, emotion and understanding. 

My hope is to build the better, more accepting world that Naz dreamed of one day living in.

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“Storytelling is the gateway to opening closed hearts and minds.”

- Matt Mahmood-Ogston

My God, I’m Queer

Synopsis: Is it ‘okay to be gay and Muslim’? A bereaved fiancé goes on a deeply personal journey to prevent the tragedy from ever happening again.

My God, I’m Queer is an award-winning documentary initially produced for a special memorial event I organised in memory of my darling Naz, five years after his physical body left this earth. 

During the private screening we received an overwhelmingly positive response to the film and were encouraged to find ways of getting it out to a wider audience. With this in mind we introduced more contributors and submitted the documentary to international film festivals.

The film was screened at festivals in England, Wales, Canada, North America and India.  

The film received two award nominations, and through our shortlisting at the Iris Prize was selected for distribution and broadcast by Film4 and Channel 4.

In 2021 My God, I’m Queer was awarded “Best TV Programme of 2021” by the prestigious Asian Media Awards.

My hope is that the film creates a positive, uplifting message that will inspire audience members to be themselves, find greater acceptance and ultimately prevent another tragedy from happening again.

Produced: February 2020

Length: 30 minutes

A film by Matt Mahmood-Ogston. Produced by Meera Mistry. 

A Behind the Facade Films production for Naz and Matt Foundation. Colour Grading by Colour Grading London.

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Freelance Colourist (Colour Grader)

As part of my journey as a filmmaker, I am a freelance Colourist via my brand Colour Grading London.

I’m passionate about helping filmmakers realise their creative vision with breathtaking colour. Colour science plays a major part in how storytellers connect to the subconscious mind to convey their message. I work with independent filmmakers, agencies, corporate clients, tech companies to colour correct and colour grade their films, tv commercials and corporate videos.

I use the same Colour Correction and Grading tools used in popular Hollywood films.

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