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Human Rights Campaigner
About Matt

“As a young boy I dreamt of changing the world but I was made to believe it was impossible.

After tragically losing my soulmate, the love of my life, I have no option left but to change it. “

Matt grew up in a deeply homophobic area of South Birmingham (UK) and studied photography and filmmaking after leaving school. Struggling for years to accept his own sexuality, at the age of 23 Matt ‘came out’ to himself. He finally felt strong enough to accept who he was, and how he was born.

Soon after he met Naz in a nightclub in Birmingham. Naz was 21. They quickly fell in love. They ran away to London to be themselves and escape the intense pressures of not being out to family. They grew tired of having to keep their relationship a secret, fearing what might happen if they were found out by Naz’s religious parents.

After 13 years together and engaged to be married, Naz, a successful and much loved GP, sadly took his own life two days after being confronted by his family about his sexuality. It was the first time they had been faced with the truth that their son was gay, in a long term relationship with another man and planning to get married.

One of their solutions was to tell Naz that he needed to be ‘cured’ for being gay. They did not want ‘shame’ brought upon their family.


In memory of his soulmate Naz, Matt went on to start ‘Naz and Matt Foundation‘ – a multi award-winning charity that tackles religious and cultural homophobia in schools, colleges, universities, families and communities. The charity’s mission is to “Never let religion, any religion, come in the way of the unconditional love between parents and their children”.

Public Speaking

As Spokesperson and Chair, Matt speaks frequently at public events, conferences and in the local, national and international press about the dangers of homophobia triggered by conservative religious and cultural beliefs.

Matt has dedicated his life to preventing what happened to his fiancé Naz happening to anyone else, ever again. He is a much sought after Keynote Speaker who is able to engage and captivate audiences as he talks from the heart about unconditional love, acceptance, motivation, religion + faith, goal setting and finding inner peace.


Channeling is love for Naz, and honouring the stories of the hundreds of individuals who have now contacted Matt, he has embarked on his journey as a filmmaker.

  • My God, I’m Queer (2019, 60 mins)
    A documentary that beautifully explores the lives of several Queer Muslims as they go about their daily lives. The film, which is currently in production, is helping to create a positive, uplifting message that will inspire the audience to be themselves, find greater acceptance and ultimately prevent another tragedy from happening again.
  • To Chechnya, With Love (2019, 7 mins)
    Short film highlighting the human rights abuses taking place against gay people in Chechnya.
  • The Search for Sunrise (2015, 11 mins)
    Short film about tragedy, unconditional love and never, ever giving up on the person you love most.

Matt’s work has contributed to him being awarded the Attitude Pride Award for ‘building bridges between religious and LGBTQI communities’, and the JCI ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award for cultural achievement’. The Independent on Sunday voted Matt as the 6th most influential LGBTI person in Britain.

Matt and Naz’s personal story has inspired a ground-breaking storyline in one of the most watched TV programmes in Britain, Coronation Street.

Their love story was turned into the ever popular song “Be the Man”, released by The Young’Uns and performed at Glastonbury. It was later shortlisted for a BBC Folk Award and released in the charts. The album it features on, Strangers, won Best Folk Album of 2018.

Recent public speaking engagements

Home Office ‘Ending FGM & Forced Marriage’ Conference

Department for Education

House of Lords

Police Scotland

West Midlands Police


National Day of Memory

University of Birmingham

University of Derby

University of Warwick

University of Oxford

University of Central Lancashire

Walsall College

Secondary school talks across London, Birmingham, Oldham, Bradford and Leeds,

Capgemini IDAHOT Conference

Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra’s anniversary concert

Fourth Choir Christmas Concert



Karma Nirvana

Media appearances

BBC Breakfast

BBC World Service

BBC News 24

BBC Asian Network

BBC Look North


The Guardian

Sky News

ITV News

Canadian Breakfast TV

LBC Radio

BBC Radio Ulster

The Sunday Times

Channel 4

BBC Radio 5 Live

BBC Radio WM

Gaydio Radio

Birmingham Mail

London Live TV

IKWRO True Honour Awards
Naz and Matt Foundation awarded "Outstanding Organisation Tackling 'Honour' Based Violence"
National Diversity Awards
Naz and Matt Foundation nominated for the prestigious “Community Organisation” Award.
BBC Folk Awards
“Be the Man” (the story of Naz and Matt), written and performed by the The Young’uns, shortlisted for “Best Original Track” at the BBC Folk Awards
No2H8 Crime Awards
Shortlisted for the No2H8 Crime Awards by TellMAMA through his work at Naz and Matt Foundation
Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award
Awarded the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award
National Diversity Awards
Nominated for the Positive Role Model Award
Independent on Sunday
Voted 6th most influential LGBTQI person in the UK for the Independent on Sunday’s Rainbow List
Attitude Pride Award
Awarded the Attitude Pride Award for ‘Building bridges between religious and LGBTQI communities’

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