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Keynote Speaker - "A totally motivational experience that empowers audience members."

Inspire your audience

Matt’s talk was genuinely one of the most powerful and moving I have ever heard in my 20 years as a research academic.

“His gentle and articulate style was so powerful, he received a standing ovation from a group of professionals toughened from their work in the criminal justice system. I am sure there was not a dry eye in the room.

I feel fortunate to have heard Matt share his and Naz’s story. It broke my heart but it has changed me, and I vow to encourage all I meet to stand up against bigotry.”

Dr Roxanne Khan

‘A keynote speaker that will leave your audience truly moved and deep in thought long after your conference ends’.

Matt speaking in Bradford

I am the Founder and Chair of Naz and Matt Foundation, a multi award-winning charity dedicated to removing the barriers that prevent religious and culturally conservative parents from understanding and accepting the children they gave birth to.

I set up the Foundation in memory of my fiancé and soulmate, Dr Naz Mahmood, who sadly took his own life two days after his deeply religious parents confronted him about his sexuality.

As an experienced Keynote Speaker I now speak across a number of challenging topics, hoping to bring the positive change to the world that Naz dreamed of one day seeing.

My talks

The goal of my talks is to inspire audiences to thing big and motivate them to take action – either to change something within themselves, or to do something to help others.

Since 2014, I have delivered seventy talks, workshops, lectures and keynote speeches to corporate clients, police forces, central government departments, public sector organisations, at public events, schools, colleges and universities.

I regularly speak on TV and radio, with appearances including Sky News, BBC News 24, BBC Breakfast, ITV, BBC World News, Canadian Breakfast Television, BBC Asian Network, LBC Radio and hundreds of regional radio and television stations.

In 2020, myself and three of my volunteers spoke to a combined audience of 54 million people around the world.

Book me as your speaker

Please contact me if you’d like your audience to feel engaged, moved and motivated into taking positive action towards something bigger than themselves.

It is people like you who are going to change the world.

Secondary school student, Bradford, West Yorkshire

People were genuinely moved and motivated to take steps to eradicate religious homophobia and encourage acceptance.

DCI Debra Forrester, Police Scotland

Recent Public Speaking engagements

Home Office ‘Ending FGM & Forced Marriage’ Conference

Department for Education

House of Lords

Police Scotland

West Midlands Police

Staffordshire Police

Hampshire Constabulary


National Day of Memory

University of Birmingham

University of Derby

University of Warwick

University of Oxford

University of Central Lancashire

Walsall College

26 x Secondary school talks across London, Birmingham, Oldham, Bradford and Leeds.

Multiple NHS Trusts

Capgemini Conference

Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra’s anniversary concert

Fourth Choir Christmas Concert



Karma Nirvana

London Fire Brigade

Milton Keynes Pride

Portsmouth Pride

Matt’s courage was an inspiration to them all, and many spoke of his bravery at speaking to strangers of his love and loss.

Bec Tigue, Head of UoB School


Matt - being interviewed for the Attitude Pride Awards

In 2021 I was awarded the “Top 10 Outstanding Contribution to LGBT Life” award by the British LGBT+ Awards, and in 2020 I was nominated for a National Diversity “Positive Role Model Award”.

In 2015 I was presented with the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons Award, and voted the 6th most influential LGBTI person in the UK by the Independent on Sunday .

And finally, in 2014 I was awarded the Attitude Pride Award for ‘Building bridges between religious and LGBT+ communities.

TV – Coronation Street

Our personal story helped inspire a ground-breaking storyline in one of the most watched TV programmes in Britain, Coronation Street. The storyline featured Rana, a young female lesbian Muslim who falls in love with Kate.

Music – “Be the Man”

The Love Story of Naz and Matt

Our love story has been turned into the BBC Folk Award nominated song “Be the Man“, released in the charts by The Young’Uns and performed at Glastonbury. Be the Man was shortlisted for the “Best Original Track of 2017” at the BBC Folk Awards. The the album the song is featured on, “Strangers”, won Best Folk Album of 2017.

A totally motivational experience that empowers audience members to do as he has done – spread love, unconditionally.

Adam Beral, Switchboard LGBT+

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