“It is people like you who are going to change the world.”


“As a young boy I dreamt of changing the world but I was made to believe it was impossible.

After tragically losing my soulmate, the love of my life, I have no option left but to change it.”

Matt is a multi-award winning human rights campaigner whose filmmaking was born from a horrific tragedy that destroyed almost everything and took the life of his beloved fiancé.

Searching for hope from the sadness of losing his soulmate, Matt now harnesses this pain to makes factual films that take audiences on a journey of learning.  emotion and understanding… to help inspire the change that he wants to see in the world.


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“My God, I’m Queer”  (Documentary)

“My God, I’m Queer” beautifully explores the lives of several Queer Muslims as they go about their daily lives.

The film creates a positive, uplifting message that will inspire the audience to be themselves, find greater acceptance and ultimately prevent another tragedy from happening again.

My God, I’m Queer is currently under review by a number of film festivals across the UK, US and Canada.

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“Matt’s talk was genuinely one of the most powerful and moving I have ever heard in my 20 years as a research academic.”

Matt speaking on BBC News 24
Matt speaking on BBC News 24

Matt Mahmood-Ogston is the pioneering Founder of the Naz & Matt Foundation, a multi award-winning organisation dedicated to tackling religious homophobia. He set up the Foundation in memory of his fiancé and soulmate, Dr Naz Mahmood, who sadly took his own life two days after his deeply religious parents confronted him about his sexuality.

Matt is now an international keynote speaker on the subjects of unconditional love, acceptance, motivation, faith and religion, goal setting and happiness. He uses their personal experiences to inspire audiences to take action and improve the world around them.

In 2015 he was voted the 6th most influential LGBTI person in the UK by the Independent on Sunday.

Matt and Naz’s personal story inspired a ground-breaking storyline in one of the most watched TV programmes in Britain, Coronation Street. Their story has also been turned into the BBC Folk Award nominated song “Be the Man”, released in the charts by The Young’Uns and performed at Glastonbury.

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A totally motivational experience that empowers audience members to do as he has done - spread love, unconditionally.

Adam Beral, Switchboard LGBT+

People were genuinely moved and motivated to take steps to eradicate religious homophobia and encourage acceptance.

DCI Debra Forrester, Police Scotland

Matt's courage was an inspiration to them all, and many spoke of his bravery at speaking to strangers of his love and loss.

Bec Tigue, Head of UoB School

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