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Be the best version of the person you were born to be

The first step towards change is awareness – awareness that you believe in something better.

Matt Mahmood-Ogston

Have you ever felt so stuck or frozen that you simply wanted to give up? Have you ever felt you’re trapped and unable to do the things you really want to do in life? Do you feel like you lack a clear vision and purpose? Do you constantly live in fear and anxiety? Do you believe there is a better version of you trying to get out?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I’d like you to know you are not on your own. These feelings may not be comfortable, but they are something that many of us experience during one or more moments in our lives.

For some, these feelings are more extreme than others. Sometimes these feelings have existed for years and progressively got worse. Sometimes a trauma or significant life event may contribute to our sub-conscious being pushed to its limits. As the body and mind panics it may desperately try to protect the body it is in, you, from coming to any more harm – physically or emotionally.


Hi, my name is Matt and I’m a specialist coach who focuses the following four areas:

  • Spiritual coaching
  • Creative coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Confidence coaching

I use my lived experiences, my trauma, my grief, and two decades of learning about the human mind, to help others grow and flourish.

I wasn’t born a confident person.

I wasn’t born a creative person.

I wasn’t born a positive person.

I wasn’t born a spiritual person.

But I have always believed in being a good person and always striving to do the right thing.

I’ve always believed that is something bigger than all of us – and that something is what connects all of us together. Some people call this the ‘Universe’, some people call this “love”, ‘energy’ or ‘spirit’, some people call this ‘God’.

I believe that each of us has the ability to change the world.

How will you help me?

My main goal is to help you discover your life purpose – the things you want and need to complete in this lifetime. Once this is understood I’ll work with you to create a plan for making it happen.

Having a clear vision for your future will help you identify obstacles holding you back from living your truest, fullest and most authentic life.

Sometimes we just don’t know where we want to be heading, or indeed where we currently are. Together I’ll help you figure this out and start you on a path of nourishment, fulfilment and purpose.

My background

My own lived experience is diverse, and in some moments extreme. I have spent years learning from some of the world’s best thought leaders, but more importantly I have learnt from inspirational individuals from within our community who were forced to face extreme adversity – and won.

I believe lived experience is critical – and absolutely necessary – for me to understand your journey and provide practical advice and achievable goals based on real life learnings, and not just theory.  

Recovering from Trauma

  • In 2014 my fiancé and soulmate of thirteen years sadly took his own life. Ever since that day I’ve been learning how to process, reconcile and work through grief, trauma and anxiety. I now help others work through their own trauma.

Corporate, Professional & Career Experience

  • I’ve worked in senior positions across within corporations, startups, digital agencies, recruitment agencies and finance. I have lead departments in positions such as “Head of” or “Director of” and have won awards for the effectiveness of my teams. 
  • I have been responsible for hiring staff (within a £500 million turnover recruitment company), so I fully understand how recruitment and hiring works and what makes an effective CV.  

Small Business & Startups

  • I was personally hired by James Caan (from Dragons’ Den) to help start up five new businesses for him in 2013/2014. 
  • I have personally founded two businesses of my own, and one very successful multi-award-winning charity.
  • I was CEO of my own award-winning tech startup for six years with international team members located across Scotland, Ukraine and India. This startup was a career/job social network designed to help further people’s careers. 
  • I have been an independent business consultant since 2008. 

Confidence Coaching & Public Speaking

  • I am an experienced public speaker and have delivered over 70 talks and lectures to corporate organisations, law enforcement agencies, public sector bodies, members of the public and central government. Often audiences are in the hundreds. 
  • I am highly experienced speaking to camera and radio, making frequent appearances on BBC News, BBC Breakfast, Sky News, ITV.
  • In 2019 I was part of a four person team who spoke to an audience of 54 million people worldwide.
  • I can help learn how to speak confidently in front of a camera (even if the video is never shown publicly). This is such a valuable skill that will give you a huge confidence boost in many areas of your professional life.

Coaching & Mentoring

  • In addition to coaching, I currently volunteer as a support worker and mentor through a charity I founded.
  • I have a vast amount of experience working with individuals to find their passion, bringing out the best version of themselves and achieving their ambitions.     


Single consultation session
Session is one hour, via Zoom or Skype.
£150 + VAT
Enquire or Book Session

Coaching Bundle 1
Consisting of four coaching sessions, held weekly. Each session is one hour, via Zoom or Skype.
£575 + VAT
Enquire or Book Session

Coaching Bundle 2
Consisting of eight coaching sessions, held weekly. Each session is one hour, via Zoom or Skype.
£995 + VAT
Enquire or Book Session

When and where are the sessions held?

I offer flexible appointment times designed to work around your busy schedule. Evening and weekend appointments available.

All sessions are currently being held online (via Skype or Zoom).

If you have any questions, please get in touch

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