Universal Energy - Finding Inner Peace

Universal Energy - Finding Inner Peace

For years I was the quiet one. Happy and content with the life I was living my fiancé and soulmate Naz. Excited about the dreams we shared and looking forward to our journey ahead, as one, together.

Naz and I used to talk for hours at a time, sometimes whole weekends, questioning, analysing and deconstructing life’s challenges that came our way. In many ways it was our version of Socratic Dialogue.

These moments of intense analysis and discovery were beautiful and one of our favourite things to do. Breaking new learnings and experiences into small bitesize chunks to comprehensively explore and absorb. Our aim was to understand as much as we could about life and learn how to become better people.

Although neither of us followed any one particular religion, we believed that there was something bigger and greater outside of us that brought our souls together. We believed there was a sea of interconnected energy that intertwined throughout the universe, connecting souls and hearts that were destined to be together.

We knew it was a way of tapping into this plane of energy and it was part of our journey to find out how.

The soul of Naz and I are still connected. I feel his love every day. I live by his moral values and my life is guided by the instructions he left for me after his passing.

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